In this section you'll find a list of all the people who have been healed by Kobato and what she did to achieve it.

ATTENTION: This section contains SPOILERS for the story.


When: Vol. 2, Chapter 12 (Chapter 3 in the magazine).

He was the first person that Kobato healed.

His mother works during the whole day, because of that he has to be all by himself during most of the day. Toshihiko understands that situation, since she's working really hard to give the best for him. However, he was feeling insecure and sad since everybody thought his mother was a bad one for letting her son alone all day long.

He told Kobato that his parents were getting divorced, but even so his mother always had the time to prepare the best breakfast for him. Kobato admitted that she must be an excellent mother, then, and that made Toshihiko feel a lot better.

Total drops: 1.

Y O M O G I   N U R S E R Y   S C H O O L   B A Z A A R

When: Vol. 2, Chapter 16 (Chapter 7 in the magazine).

In order to help Sayaka gather fonds to pay the school's debt, Kobato had the idea to throw a bazaar at Yomogi Nursery School. The idea came after Chiho and Chise mentioned that they would be having one in their school too.

When the day arrived, somebody changed the dates of the advertising posters on the streets, and as a result, nobody came to the bazaar at first. Fortunately, Chitose knew the correct day and told everyone at the school about the incident. Shocked, Kobato ran to streets and shouted the correct date to the surrounding people.

In the end, the bazaar was a success, and Kobato managed to get six more drops thanks to it.

Total drops: 7.


When: Vol. 3, Chapter 20 (Drop. 4 in the magazine).

In a morning, Chitose invited Kobato for a tea because she sensed Kobato was worried about something. While in Chitose's apartment, Kobato confessed to her that even though she doesn't know how, she wants to do her best to heal Sayaka's heart, even if only by a little bit.

Chitose was deeply moved by Kobato's determination to help Sayaka, regardless of not knowing anything about her past, and that healed Chitose's heart.

Total drops: 8.