This site is dedicated to the manga series Kobato., created by the mangaka team CLAMP. It was born on December of 2004, even before the first chapter of the series was published. It was the first Kobato. fansite that appeared on the internet.

The name "Fukanou na Shigoto" means "Impossible Work" in japanese, that name was chosen for the site because the first summary that surfaced the web about Kobato. said that Kobato was a girl who needed to heal the biggest number of people without falling in love with any of them. I realized that that might be the series' biggest plot, and also that it must be quite hard to heal somebody's heart from its sorrows without getting too attached to the person. So that's how the title came up.

+ Disclaimer

Fukanou na Shigoto is an unofficial fan site with no commercial intentions that isn't here to infringe upon any copyrights or break any laws. It was made with the proposal of making CLAMP fans from all over the world to know more about one of their works.

All the rights for Kobato. are reserved to CLAMP and Kadokawa Shoten.

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Anne - Thank you muchly for giving me a place to host this site and for providing chapter scans, which allowed me to develop this site.
Jamie - For translating the manga.
Alison - For proofing the texts I wrote for this site and for providing chapter scans.
Kasumi, Minitokyo, Tomoe, Alice and Narsil - For providing images to the Image Gallery.
Drawcomic - For providing chapter scans which allowed me to develop the content of the site.