In Kobato., we learn that Fujimoto works at several part-time jobs besides working at Yomogi Nursery School. In this section, you'll find a list of each and every job Fojimoto has worked for.

Y O M O G I   N U R S E R Y   S C H O O L

Fujimoto's main job. When he's not working in any of his many part-time jobs, he's helping Sayaka out with the school's duties. He gives away part of his payments, sometimes entirely, to cover the school's costs.

F O O D   T E N T

Where can be seen: Vol. 1, Chapter 2 (Exam. 2 in the magazine).

The first time we are introduced to Fujimoto in the series' new chronology, he's working in a part-time job at a japanese food tent.


Where can be seen: Vol. 1, Chapter 5 (Exam. 5 in the magazine).

Although it hasn't been shown in the manga, the manager of the Chiroru bakery tells Sayaka in Exam. 5 that Fujimoto helped them out for Valentine's.

S E I   B E E R

Where can be seen: Vol. 1, Chapter 9 (Exam. 9 in the magazine).

In Exam. 9, Fujimoto works as promoter boy for Sei Beer ("sei" means life in japanese). He gives away free samples along with two girls.

P I F F L E   P I Z Z A

Where can be seen: Vol. 2, Chapter 13 (Chapter 4 in the magazine).

When he's not working at Yomogi Nursery School, one of his many jobs is to deliver pizzas for Piffle Pizza.

G R E E N   D R U G S T O R E

Where can be seen: Vol. 3, Chapter 21 (Drop. 5 in the magazine).

Dressed as a human-sized rabbit, Fujimoto appeared in Drop. 5 giving away free cough drops samples in front of the Green Drugstore.