K O B A T O   H A N A T O

A very kind and cheerful girl who is on a mission to fill a small bottle with wounds from the hearts of suffering people. She must do it as soon as possible to fulfill her wish and go to the place she wants to go. Kobato is a mystery, we don't know anything about her past, where she lived or who her family is, maybe that's why she's so innocent and naïve. She helps out at the Yomogi Nursery School in order to search for those suffering people. There, she's always ready to help in anything that shows up.



The stuffed animal that helps Kobato in her mission. He may look cute and un-harmful when he's in public, but he can also be really bad-tempered every time Kobato does something stupid. He's always pushing her down back to earth and serving her as a guide since Kobato is very light-headed and is frequently making detours. His true name and shape are different from those we know of.

S A Y A K A   O K I U R A

She's a teacher at the Yomogi Nursery School. Kobato accidentally found her while she was doing laundry with the school's kids. Kobato then decided to help her in the school's duties thinking that she might heal Sayaka since she mentioned she was running out of help. However, only helping her at the school might not be enough to heal her heart. She's a very generous woman who tends to trust someone very easily. She already had many problems in the past because of that.
K I Y O K A Z U   F U J I M O T O

Helps out Sayaka at the Yomogi Nursery School. He knows Sayaka since he was a kid and apparently has no family. He has several different jobs to help with the school's costs.

His first contact with Kobato was at a park where he punched an old man who was thinking Kobato was a prostitute. Later on, they met again at the school after Kobato decided to help Sayaka out. However, he is not going to accept her will to help so easily because he's tired of seeing people taking advantage of Sayaka's kindness. He'll keep an eye on Kobato, who doesn't know that Fujimoto might also be someone with a wounded heart. He and Kobato are also apartment neighbors.

C H I T O S E   M I H A R A

The landlady of the apartment complex where Kobato lives. She's married and has two twin daughters. She's a very kind woman who is always helping Kobato in whatever she needs. Kobato got an used futon from her because she didn't have any since she moved with nothing but a bag. She studied in the same class as Sayaka during High School.

*Note: Chitose is also a character of another CLAMP work, Chobits. They are, however, not the same characters. See more at the crossovers section.

C H I H O   &   C H I S E   M I H A R A

The landlady's twin daughters. Kobato had the idea of throwing a bazaar at the Yomogi Nursery School, in order to gather funds to pay off the debts, because they mentioned that their school would be having one too.

*Note: They also appeared in another CLAMP work, Chobits, under the names of Freya and Elda (Chii). They are, however, not the same characters. See more at the crossovers section.

D E B T   C O L L E C T O R

The collector of Yomogi Nursery School's debt and boss of the yakuza. He threatened Sayaka of evicting her and close the school if she doesn't pay the debt. He and Sayaka shares the same surname, Okiura.

One of the kids of Yomogi Nursery School. He was the first person that Kobato managed to heal.
C H I R O R U ' S   M A N A G E R

The baker and owner of the Chiroru bakery, a very famous one around the region. Kobato helped him out in the bakery during Christmas.

*Note: He also appeared in another CLAMP work, Chobits, under the name of Hiroyasu Ueda. They are, however, not the same characters. See more at the crossovers section.

C H I R O R U   M A N A G E R ' S   A S S I S T A N T

The manager's assistant at Chiroru's, although their relationship might be something beyond work partners.

*Note: She also appeared in another CLAMP work, Chobits, under the name of Yumi Omura. They are, however, not the same characters. See more at the crossovers section.

He's a creature just like Ioryogi, and he seems to know quite a lot about Ioryogi's true nature. They are rivals for some unknown reason, and he seeks to settle things down with Ioryogi.

Ioryogi's acquaintance. A bear that runs a Baumkuchen (European cake) shop in the middle of the woods in another dimension. One has to walk through the narrow space between the wall and a specific street light pole in order to have access to that dimension. Like Ioryogi, his current name, form and job are not his real ones. By Ioryogi's request, Genko will use his information-gathering skills to find out the whereabouts of Yomogi Nursery School and its employees.

A bird messenger that works for Genko.

T A K A S H I   D O U M O T O

Goes to the same university as Fujimoto. They have studied together since middle school.